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  1. Hi, this may be a dumb question. I am planning to move to AL next summer and was wondering do you have to be a current resident of AL to apply for an AL license? Now I understand why you would need to be for mailing purposes but I was wanting to go ahead and get the process going before I got there. I didn't find where it said you had to be a resident but I did see where it could take days to months for the process. Rather than get there and take the chance of it taking months I was wanting to go ahead and get the ball rolling. Is that possible?? Sorry its so long but any info would be greatly appreciated. Oh and I am an LPN if that makes a difference.
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  3. by   lylenrn
    If you type in "Alabama Board of Registered Nursing" in browser, it should direct u to site where all information is available. Some states require fingerprints, photos, transcripts which may take awhile. Always a good idea to start early. You dont actually have to live in the state to get endorsement for license there. Hope this helps
  4. by   LPN_thts_M3
    Thank you! That's exactly what I needed to kno. I know that having to get all that info in takes time its still taking forever to get my current license whice is precisely why I don't want to move down there and "wait"