Question fof Jeff State Nursing Student

  1. I have a question for someone who is already attending Jeff State RN program. Could you tell me what a week looks like in classes/clinicals? Are in class all day, every day or is it like regular classes? 1and 1/2 hours two days a week or more? I know it will change depending on the semester but I was just wondering how to schedule childcare, etc..... And just curious how my life will be going once I started the program.

    Thanks so much for you help
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  3. by   bamagt
    I'm in 5th semester now and we have class Monday 10-12 and Thurs 9-2. We have 6 clinicals the whole semester which are 7-3 I think.
    It's easy.
    First semester you go to school at least 3 days a week.
    I forget about the others