NUR 201 Summer 2009 Term

  1. I am headed into my 3rd semester of nursing school. We will be taking NUR 201 and I was just wondering what exactly the class consist of? Also what the clinicals would be like? They say we will focus of critical care and such, but I would like to start reading a little into my books and really didn't know what they focus of this class was on. Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Hope everyone is enjoying their little summer break before classes start back!!
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  3. by   melsman1904
    You're @ CACC, right? Unless anything has changed since last summer, you will have 12 clinicals(6 Med-Surg, 2 Peds, 2 OB, and 2 Psych). I don't really remember which body systems we covered. Summer was, by far, the most difficult semester IMO. I took Micro along with 201 though. Good luck and remember that while this may be your toughest semester, it is also the shortest semester.
  4. by   amwhit
    I agree with melsman1904. I also took micro in the summer and it was the hardest semester because it was so short. I remember covering sensory, endocrine, and GI for sure. I think we covered renal as well during this semester. And of course we had psych! Good luck!