Gadsden state lpn-rn 2017

  1. If you received your acceptance letter from Gadsden State log in here. I have been admitted to several nursing programs, but know this is IT. Orientation is June 12, 2017 at the McClellan campus. Are your READY?
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  3. by   spoiledkp
    Hey there! I'm Ready!!!! See ya on Monday!
  4. by   rn2bn11
    Great!!! I am waiting with GREAT expectations. Do you know of anyone that has personally gone through their program?
  5. by   rn2bn11
    Good Morning,

    I was hoping we could have introduced ourselves on yesterday in orientation. Where were you sitting?
  6. by   rn2bn11
    Hello, do you know what point system the exams will be on? I meant to ask the question.
  7. by   rn2bn11
    My name is Katrina