Clanton campus-Jefferson State Community College

  1. Ok, so I got accepted into the Clanton campus at Jefferson State Community College!!!!!!!!!!!!!! anyone else going to that campus??
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  3. by   cosmicdrifter
    i'm going to the Clanton campus as well. I just called them a few minutes ago to figure out what's going on because the other campuses are starting their classes by this Friday and the only thing I was notified of was of our orientation which is set for next Tuesday.

    The woman I spoke with said that they/she are posting the courses and will be registering us.
    I've already gone ahead and registered myself for the course. I'm really hoping the teachers post something on Blackboard letting us know what to go ahead and read on.
  4. by   stephanieshae27
    I think it's going to take clanton a week or do to get adjusted.. They opened last minute Nd in sure things are crazy and finding teachers to fill the spots.. I was told orientation is Monday at 10 in room 102
  5. by   cosmicdrifter
    Oh that's right. Definitely my bad. I wrote down January 9 and thought that was Tuesday.
    It's tomorrow. Ha Ha

    Looking forward to meeting you tomorrow!
  6. by   stephanieshae27
    Me too!!