Capstone College of Nursing/Shelton State Community College

  1. I wanted to begin this post to see if there are any students out there applying to The University of Alabama Capstone College of Nursing (Tuscaloosa) or Shelton State Community College's nursing program summer 2010 or fall 2010. If so, which prerequisites do you have remaining? Are you excited, nervous, or just anxious? Will you be applying to other schools in Alabama if so, which one(s)? Please share.
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  3. by   fcasteele10
    I kno it's an old post but I wanted to reply anyways. I'm looking into the 2nd Degree program at Capstone College of Nursing for Fall 2013. I want to take this fall and upcoming spring to make sure I have all my pre-reqs before I apply so I will have ample enough time to prioritize. I'm a mom of two and work part time so I can't just jump into it just yet. I'm waiting to speak with an advisor to what all I'm missing but I kno for a fact A&P I and II, chem I and II, organic chem I and II, Micro, psychology, statistics. I have all these just pray they accept them as equivalents....