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  1. Hi! I am currently anxiously awaiting the results of a background check so I can start a new job in surgery! Surgery is my dream job and has always been! I recently decided to go ahead and quit my job in pysch since I figured I would have this surgery job around the bend. Now, my anxiety level is through the roof! I was just thinking, they are using an older application to run the background check with that didn't have my current job with pysch on it. They did give me a chance to edit it, but with my excitement I did not think of adding the pysch job to the application when filling out all of the paperwork for HR. So, I am afraid that they will think I was lying to them and it will cause me to fail the back ground check. I cannot afford for that to happen! I need this job! Any suggestions? Everything else in my background is clear. Obviously, I have passed two other checks for nursing school and the psych job. I just need some peace of mind!
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