Anyone Attend Bevill State Community College?

  1. Hey there, I'm a student at Bevell State in Sumiton in the Associates Degree program. This is my first semester in the program, although I have already taken most of my academics.

    I was wondering is there was any advice yall can give me. Other Than hang in

    "A moment of Pain for monumental Gain."
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  3. by   bignursenancy
    You have the right thought. Hang in there. It is a very tough course and the 'quizzes' are really HARD test! Get "nursing made easy" books and you will do yourself a favor. They make the long boring chapters easier to understand. Bevill has a good pass rate.
  4. by   cowens7119
    Hey thanks for the tip, I'll begin looking on ebay ect. Think of any more let me know.