Alabama Excelsior graduates?

  1. Are there any that have been allowed to sit for the NCLEX?
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  3. by   dollbaby
    Yes I know some Excelsior graduates that have graduated, taken boards and are now RNs with AL nursing licenses. In fact I will graduate from Excelsior in about a month and I plan to take the NCLEX in Jan/Feb 2010.
  4. by   opeesan
    The ABON reviews Excelsior applicants on a case by case basis. They seem to be much more agreeable to LPNs that have completed the program than other healthcare professionals. Unless things have changed recently completion of the program doesnt guarantee a chance for licensure in Alabama.
  5. by   dollbaby
    It seems that the ABON gives anyone who is not an LPN a very hard time. Thankfully I am an LPN and the people who I know who completed Excelsior were also LPNs so they had no problem with the ABON.