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AJN: Caring for Troops When Transition Is a Way of Life


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Correspondence from Abroad: Caring for Troops When Transition Is a Way of Life


Weingarten, Carol-Grace Toussie

AJN, American Journal of Nursing. 110(10):44-47, October 2010.

This article describes nurses' firsthand experiences caring for the wounded at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center in Germany.

...I'm writing about LRMC after having completed my second twoweek stay there as a volunteer. After more than 200 hours of work, I've experienced firsthand a health care environment unlike any other. During July 2009 and July 2010, my husband, Michael S. Weingarten, served as a civilian volunteer vascular surgeon in LRMC's Combat Casualty Program. I was a civilian volunteer with the Chaplains' Wounded Warrior Ministry programs, where I work ed primarily with airlifted patients from downrange. My nursing background in health promotion was invaluable because these programs exemplify sound health promotion strategies. (We've also signed up to go back next summer.)

When I communicated my interest in interviewing nurses to Colonel Beverly Cornett, deputy command er and director of nursing at LRMC, she gave me unlimited access to military and civilian nurses in different areas and at different stages of their careers. The nurses I interviewed spoke with me candidly; all had life stories that could have been a book or action movie. And what they told me supported what I saw at LRMC...

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Working at Landstuhl has been the most painful, the most humblilng, the most rewarding experience of my 20+ nursing career. G'd bless and keep all who come through its doors. :heartbeat Selfless Service! :heartbeat