I havent seen a post from this aspect of nursing for months. I have been just as busy as the rest of you and it would be nice to share good and bad stories with everyone who does anytype of outside hospital transports.

My bitches are taking family members who then think they are in charge of the whole show. They have obviously never hit turbulance that resembles the Demon Drop rollercoaster. How do you keep the straps on the patient and the renegade family members without a scene in the air? I hate this stressful part of the flight. So far I have just met patient and family members at the airport and they for whatever reason are usually anxious. The mood for this type of transport is usually that the family member is either critically ill or dying of an illness. STRESS is the major factor. If you are blunt they fight you, if you are kind and considerate they test you for the entire trip. Just venting, but would like to hear some support feedback. smile.gif


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