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AHPRA Registration Questions!


:nurse:Hi guys

I will be moving to Melbourne in Jan to start a new grad programme. I will apply for AHPRA once i have my NZ registration and annual practising certificate. I am applying for Trans-Tasman Mutual Recognition and am wanting

to hear of peoples experiences with doing the same. We have been told we should get our NZ documentation sorted by begining of Jan. How long does AHPRA registration take? We have heard there are issues with it as it is

new and having teething problems.

Thanks Vic (3 sleeps still state final registration exam!)

hi, sorry for answering your thread that is not related to your Q. BUt I humbly ask for your advise please or tips for the state exam. I am taking mine on 15th Nov. 2011 :) Thanks. :)

Each year our class gets together to discuss what was in the exam so we can give it to the following year, what's your email i can send it to you its a word document

Late to the party, hoping these accounts are still active.

You don't still have that information do you??