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Hi, I am a new user to allnurses. I would love to hear from nurses about the new Agenda for Change, what do you think? it's giving me a real headache. Anyone outside the UK. this is our goverment bringing in a thing which affects our salary, job description, holiday entiltement etc. Please help my head, :stone give me you views so i can talk about it


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agenda for change.......

I am waiting to see how it pans out. yes - great idea but putting it into practice is interesting!

I have been trying to write my job description for agenda for change- it has to be accurate and reflect the work you do... so I am a nurse practitioner, with a lead nurse role, a teaching role, a research and audit role plus I am part of the development team for guidelines and PGD's......... try putting that into a job description!! I have written the job descriptions for the practice nurses, E,F and G grades- that was a huge piece of work!

'tis interesting though!


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