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Agency work In Indiana...HELP

Hey, anybody out there know of any agency near Lafayette Indiana? I cannot find a single agency. I want to work PRN on my terms

I did not find any either when I did a google search for listings. The search lists the hospitals and a local staffing agency but for employment (which is not what you want).

You may want to contact the facility staffing department and find out who they contract with. It might be feasible that they have someone they use that is not listed locally. On occasion, they may use you through their staffing agency or you may have luck finding a contract, like a travelers contract, with the facility. If they are not usually short staffed, they may not consider a contract. It is all about needs.

Most often, and I have seen this where there is not a big Nursing Shortage, a facility will not use a local Nurse for contracting; It may be (who knows really but it makes sense) that they do not want to set a trend. One of the facilities in my area does this. I have also been to areas where there is not real Nursing Shortage that would necessitate a demand for a contracted worker.

I hope that helps. Let us know if you have any more questions.

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