Agency Nursing Recommendations


Hi Everyone,

Looking for a "good" agency that has a lot of contract jobs, from FT(36hrs) to even per diem work. Of course looking the typical items, large pool of jobs/contracts, best pay, flexibility for even per diem contracts, and agency that wants a long term relationship with its RN's. Recommendations?



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The Home Nursing Agency, with the main office located in Altoona, PA is the best agency I know of and have had experience with. I have had to have agency help for 19 years, and have had experiences with numerous ones. Most agencies don't train their help, but The one I mention does, and although I am signed up to receive 7 day 4 hours a day help, So far, I am able to get only 3 days each week, because I refuse to get an agency that doesn't train their help due to the fact that I have had narcotics, artistic items, and other things taken from me, because I don't feel I need to watch the help. I have even posted lists of daily and other tasks that need to be provided.