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Agency Nursing as a LPN

Louisiana   (998 Views 2 Comments)
by adpibri adpibri (New Member) New Member

adpibri has 8 years experience and works as a Hospice LVN.

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Hello! I have about 2 years of hospital experience, plus 7 years in hospice. I was considering looking into agency nursing in the Lafayette area, but have no worked for an agency before. I was wondering if anyone here is in the Lafayette area (or anywhere in LA) as well and wouldn't mind giving me some insight about the work!


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alexiaj has 7 years experience as a LPN and works as a LPN.

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If you're still looking Platinum Agency is who people mostly go through. Their rate is decent but it's usually a lot of nursing home work. I stay on their list but I settled with a PRN job for almost the same amount

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