Winchester, Virginia

  1. Hi! Has anyone worked agency at winchester medical center, in winchester, va? im lookin to head that way but don't know what agency to contact?:spin:
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  3. by   lifejourney
    I'm not sure which facilities they place nurses into, but check with Progressive. I know they have something in Winchester, VA. I've never worked for them, but recently considered it.
    It's a different world over there. Some parts of it seemed like I was in the 1800's "what family are you from?" I've never encountered that anywhere where your roots make you somehow higher or lower. Nurses didn't have much say in the unit I was in and their docs were never questioned and didn't tolerate discussion, even if something was amiss. I did see a lot of agony there as the vent patients were severely undermedicated taking preference to restraints.

    It was an eye opener I'd never like to repeat.