Want input on Travel Agencies for RN please!

  1. Hey Fellow Nurses,

    I have worked "agency" many time sover the eyars in ECF and prisons as an LPN. I still work PRN for CMS at local correctional facility. Kids are basically grown and carrying on with their own lives now. I just graduated with my RN last May, and went to work at a hospital in neighboring town on MEd/Surg to basically expand my "horizons" so one day I could be a T-R-A-V-E-L N-U-R-S-E. Now begins the selection process. Any input from experinced travelers would be so very gratefully appreciated. I am somewhat leary of "agencies" since I got burned by one (as did many other nurses I know----who did not jump ship in time), and I was fortunate enough to get out when they only owed me @ $600. Some are owed in the thousands as they kept working for weeks for the weasel, who closed the agency doors and dodged the IRS. The company was called JASNEEK. Therefore I am interested in ALL aspects of the agencies I may end up considering. Thanks ahead of time for your assistance everyone.
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