Parallon Per Diem vs Travel

  1. Is anyone or does anyone know the difference tax wise between per diem work with Parallon vs being a travel nurse with Parallon in Florida? (I have a Florida license and I'm a Florida resident but I work more than 8 hours from my "tax home of residence".) They called me up and offered both positions. I understand the difference in the structure/role but I was hoping someone would know how they work out after taxes.
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  3. by   MichelleOgorz
    I'm not sure about the tax rate differences, but if you haven't yet applied to Parallon/health trust, there is a referral bonus that I would be willing to split with someone who uses my name on the application (Michelle Ogorzalek). Feel free to email me with questions,, I think the stipulation is the new employee has to work 80 hours within the first 90 days or something similar. I personally work in Austin and I really like my recruiter, she is easy to reach and a good communicator.