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  1. Has anyone out there worked in the ER at Summerlin Hospital in Vegas? If so can you give me an idea about the conditions, staff, $, etc. I have been asked to take an assignment there and would like some input. Thanks to anyone who can respond.

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  3. by   coffeedrin
    Hi. I just moved back to Ky from Vegas and worked as a Hospice nurse. I used to go to the ER at Summerlin to see my patients. It is a nice hospital. Upscale clients who have money usually go to this hospital and people who live in or near Summerlin which is in the northwest. The money is good just about anyplace you work. Live close to there but stay out of north las vegas, the crime is high. They are building 3 new hospitals in Vegas so u can take your pick if u decide to stay there. I loved it out there but its HOT in the summer.....Good Luck!!!