Freaking out about contract job

  1. They're being ridiculous about my housing. They've jerked me around and now hopefully I'll have 1 room-mate and be splitting $1600/month in rent with said room-mate but I start the contract on Monday and they're closed today and I won't know officially about housing until tomorrow morning at the earliest. They're putting me in a fully furnished apartment but I'm freaking out about buying groceries and apartment supplies. My husband is driving me down on Sunday but I won't have a car while I'm down there and while I've been told I can effectively walk to work from the apartment complex, I'm worried and don't have an address to plug into the Google! Maps yet. Just wanted to rant.
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  3. by   Goobstress
    Wow!!! You should never have to go through that kind of BS. I would not have taken that assignment if I were you and you should have your recruiters cell # on speed dial of anything should go awry.