First time looking for agency nurse positions

  1. I am a RN that has been on a MedSurg floor for 3.5 years. I currently have my Medical-Surgical certification. I want to look into agency work but do not know where to start.
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  3. by   noreenl
    what city/state are you in?
  4. by   MidwestMedSurgRN-BC
    I live in Indiana
  5. by   noreenl
    Call the hospitals or facilities you want to work at and see what agencies they use. you can also call Better business bureau to "check out" any agency t be sure there are no complaints against it. Make sure the agency has an RN Supervisor and not just recruiters with no working nursing knowledge. this is a big hit that the agency is $$$$ orientedrather thannurse oriented. Always make sure that you have a nurse backing you up. Also be sure you keep yopour malpractice insurance up to date. better safe than sorry! Good luck!!!
  6. by   TechieRN
    Can anyone cover malpractice insurance? Is it important just to agency nursing or does anyone else have an opinion? I have never had it and wondered about the ins and outs. Tx!