Are nurses in London, England receiving high wages for Agency Work ?

  1. There is a shortage of nurses in UK.

    I currently get #12.70 pounds per hour for Community work, but I have since heard another agency is giving 20 pounds per hour for same.

    The NHS put their wages up by 3.6% and another agency put their's up by 30%.

    How does that figure compare to US ?
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  3. by   nightingale
    To compare apples with apples:

    Top pay for PRN at one hospital I am working at - PRN wages are $ 24. Agency pay is $ 28. The hospital I am currently at is paying me $ 34.00 - I do not know what their PRN staff is paid. I would imagine around $ 27 to 29.

    So... your 30% sounds very good.

  4. by   Teshiee
    My wages depends on the hospital I work in. My range is frm 32.50-38.00 an hour.
  5. by   4PsychRN
    i make $42-$47 as a perdiem agency, where i work
  6. by   Kaylesh
    Im up in Scotland but i make £18.50($32.80 )to £22.50( $45.22) a hour depending on the day of the week and time of day. For holidays the rate is even higher and if you are a specialty nurse the base rates are higher still.The agency i work for is one of the better paying.So i don't know what other agency's rates are like..
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  7. by   kiwideb
    i work for an agency in london and get between 12-15hr.... know of any agencies who pays better, any suggestions???

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