Any feedback on Roanoke,VA travel assignments?

  1. I am an experienced SICU/NSICU/Trauma RN who must move to the Roanoke area. I would really appreciate any feedback on travel assignments/hospitals in that area.

    I have been working at a Level I trauma center which, believe it or not, has great pay rates/benefits and is a great place to work! I know I will be sacrificing my pay but I want to find out about the "culture and attitude" of the hospitals in this area.
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  3. by   K O'Malley
    As far as I know, Carillion has a good trauma unit and most of their ICUs are pretty well staffed. Lewis-Gale is HCA and staffs accordingly. I would really carefully check out the staffing in their SICU before accepting an assignment there. They do have great doctors who are good to work with. When I lived in the area there was not a great deal of pay difference between the hospitals in the area.