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Agency names

by maminidady maminidady (New) New

Specializes in Medical Ward and Rehabilitation ward.

I just would to be of help to my other fellow registered nurses in the Philippines that wanted to apply in other country, I do hope that we can be of help also to others...please do answer the following.thanks a lot to those who will share this info...

1. Name of hospital and please indicated the country.

2. Your agency in the Philippines and contact #

3. Processing time.

4. Salary Offer (optional)


1. Riyadh Military Hospital -KSA

2. Al Etkhan, Philippines

3. 3 mos after passing the employers interview


Specializes in SICU, Burn Unit, PACU, CCU.

Not yet working here though (but this is my job offer) still waiting for my visa:

1. Regina General Hospital (Saskatchewan, Canada)

2. Mercan Canada (you can visit their website at mercanrecruit.com, you can also apply there directly that was what I did)

3. I am not yet deployed but processing time is usually 4-6 months (still depends on how fast you complete your requirements)

4. Should I disclose this? hmmmm.. for the sake of helping ok.. 25.54 canadian dollars per hour

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