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Sadam Sadam, RN (New) New

Hello folks

I am a foreign nurse currently out side of USA.

I passed NCLEX and got NM license.

what are next steps ?still I don't have IELTS.

and what is the difference between direct hire and recruitment agencies ? which is better and faster ?

Appreciated in advance

dianah, ADN

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Moved to Nurse Registration forum.

Hopefully some of our wise and experienced members will help answer your questions.

Silverdragon102, BSN

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The next step is finding employer willing to sponsor you and file paperwork


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The easiest way is to choose a recruitment company to sponsor you. It's almost impossible to directly find an employer willing to do all the paperwork and hold a position for you for 1 year or more while your immigrant visa is being processed.

Recruiters include Avant Healthcare Professionals, O'Grady Peyton and PPUSA, for example, just to get you started on the research.

Obviously you'll need to take the IELTS as well.