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After the Grad

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I've been doing a lot of thinking lately. That is when I'm not working, trying to sleep in preparation for working or stressing over how to achieve work/life balance.  Full disclosure- the former has not yet been achieved.

What I'd like to openly address is what I've found to be the lack of outlets on the realities of the working new grad. Instagram is a fun, sarcastic place full of salty opinions, and provides much-needed comic relief, but its emptiness leave more to be desired. Social media has also become rampant with idealized, wide-eyed students, stethoscopes wrapped adorably around their necks, sitting in fields of poppies (#soontobeanurse#dreamjob#buythesescrubs).  You know the type.

And then there are the new grad forums for nurses searching for jobs. God bless them! It's tough out there! They need their safe space to vent and network but I keep thinking if I'm struggling then surely others are too. I've reached out to people in my new grad cohort and those in my class who've been hired already and we are experiencing the same thing. Yet, we are slammed with orientation, sleep deprivation, and the struggle to maintain our emotions because we are fairly new to seeing patients we care about die. The list goes on.

I'd like to create a space where we can say this:

a) I still like my job and am grateful I got it, but it's hard.

b) My home life is a struggle (it didn't end when I graduated like I thought it would).

c) Seeing people die sucks.

d) Anything else.....

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E. Coming to grips with the fact Nursing school and actually being a Nurse are two different worlds.


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