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Affording Nursing School


My previous background was as a Child Life Specialist. I am currently certified and have decided to go to an accelerated BSN program at UTHSC (Memphis). I will start in July 2014- December 2015. Does anyone have any advice on scholarships for an accelerated program? Or any general tips on affording nursing school?

brillohead, ADN, RN

Specializes in Cardio-Pulmonary; Med-Surg; Private Duty. Has 5 years experience.

Check with your nursing program for info on scholarships that might be available.

Other options:

Do a non-accelerated program so you can work while going to school.

Go part-time so you can work while going to school.

Go to a community college to get an ADN instead of a BSN.

Any combination of the above.

Personally, I attended a community college part-time while working full time. I paid cash for the whole thing, no debt at all. Now I intend to do an RN-to-BSN program online, part-time, paying as I go and/or utilizing any tuition reimbursement I may qualify for.