RN wanting to be in esthetics

  1. Hello! So I currently am thinking about getting into esthetics with a focus on injectables and lasers. I have my RN degree.

    I was was wondering how one gets a job in esthetics or training? Do I pay for a course and then go to dermatologists or plastic surgeons and show them my coursework and my RN degree? Do y'all recommend any specific courses for lasers and injections?

    Also, what is the typical salary for a esthetician with their RN liscense?
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  3. by   Glamnurse100
    First you should attend an aesthetic training class. There you will learn more in depth about facial anatomy and the different products/ procedures done. Then you will get to practice on live models!
    It's up to you how many trainings you would like to attend. You'll be certified from those trainings.
    Then you can apply to med-spa' s or a plastic surgeons office.
    But in all honestly, practicing on the job is the best for improving your technique.
    Aesthetics takes a good eye, it is an art where the patients face is your canvas.
    The best thing that could happen is that you change their lives and boost their confidence.
    The worst thing that could happen is that you give them eyelid ptosis for a couple weeks or you inject into a blood vessel and occlude their blood supply, giving them a giant bruise or causing necrosis.