RN Supervision for Botox injections

  1. Hi everyone! I'm new to allnurses forum, but I have visited from time to time and read some helpful suggestions. I'm wondering if anyone knows of a networking site for RN to work with NP's or others, who can supervise Botox injections. I have a small salon/spa that I can work with giving Botox injections, of which I'm certified to do, but for New York State, I need the supervision of a NP or other. If anyone knows of an interested party or a aesthetic nursing network website, I would appreciate it greatly if you could share that information.
    Thanks so much
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  3. by   Tippyrn
    Why don't you ask NP and MDs who you know to supervise you.
  4. by   WLFM
    Hi Tippyrn,

    Sorry for taking so long to answer. I am doing my BSN on line and started a new job. Yes, I did ask a NP and a MD, but they were both very busy. I'm taking the NP route so in time, I will do it on my own, with an MD's collaboration.
    Thank you for your reply.