Questions about commission for neurotoxin injection

  1. I have held a position in a cosmetic surgeons office for 18 months. He has recently asked me to start injecting neurotoxin. I'm the sole RN in our practice, so I have no template for how this works. He will be having me trained, we live in a state where RN injectors are legal. For those of you with this particular setup, how do you get paid for injections? Do you have an increased hourly rate/salary to compensate for the additional skill and liability? Do you get a commission from the injections? Also, do you carry your own liability insurance or just have coverage under the physician?
    Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   Rea630
    I don't know what state you are licensed in. But, in Illinois, it is illegal to receive a commission for botox or filler injections. It is considered as fee splitting. On days that I inject, I get paid about $70/hr for a full day of injecting. If I have only sporadic patients throughout the day then it drops to about 55-60/hr. It all depends on the case load.
  4. by   tdncRN
    If you don't mind me asking, what are your duties on days when you don't inject?