How much sales skills are needed become successful?

  1. hi, I'm curious and very interested to know how much sales skills are required for a nurse to be successful as an aesthetic nurse? Thank you
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  3. by   TheSocialMediaCoach
    When working outside of a Facility, Sales is a large part of what we do. While there is a level of natural ability, Sales can be learned. I love it yet I can't wait for an aesthetic nurse to chime in .
  4. by   E-commerce
    Yes, I can not agree more TheSocialMediaCoach
  5. by   sunshine-momMSN
    It takes more sales skill then it does technical skill. I can train my husband (who doesn't even know how to draw anything up in a syringe) on how to do botox in a couple hours. But you have to know how to sell sell sell.

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