Hello! Need advice for career path! :)

  1. Hello there! My name is Rebecca, and I have been a stay at home mom for the past 6 years. Now that my youngest is in full time school, I want to go to school! My heart has been saying nursing for years, so I am enrolling in a CNA class to "feel it out". Then I hope to purse LPN and possibly RN. I am interested in finding a position part time to start, and having weekends at home so I can be with my kids. I really like the idea of working in plastic surgery or esthetics doing skincare work etc. It does seem like the aestheticians around where I live make minimum wage working at massage places. This isn't what I want to do I would love to get a job as a plastic surgery nurse of sorts. I am having a hard time finding information about what route to go school wise. I have looked into aesthetician school (we have one about 30 minutes away) but it's all day for about 12 months and cost around 15-20,000. At that point I would have a certificate but would have to start nursing school after. Does anyone have any advice? Thanks so much!!
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