Esthetician transitioning into nursing

  1. Hi! I am a non-traditional nuring student. I hold a BS in elementary education & I'm an esthetician. I have dreamed of working in a medspa providing advanced skin care services for a dermatologist & plastic surgeon. I am trying to figure out exactly what credentials I need to get started as quickly as possible & what to keep working towards to advance my career. What kinds of experience as a new grad nurse should I be pursuing on my journey? I've seen LPNs doing laser treatments to NPs having their own practice in partnership with an MD. What does the career progression look like so I don't waste any time or money on schooling I don't need & focus on the necessary. Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   Riotgrrrl
    I would start with your RN. While some places may allow LPNs to do lasers, I do not believe they are allowed to do injections ( Botox, fillers etc.)
  4. by   Hailey_
    I'm in a similar situation as you. I would start with RN because that's what I have mostly seen working in the medspas and plastic surgery clinics that I've visited for work. But it might depend on your area!
    I started as an esthetician, got my b.a. now working in medical device sales. If you already have a ba degree you would be eligible for an accelerated bsn which is what I'm looking into.