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Aesthetic LPN in Arizona Training? How to break into the field?

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Hi All,

I'm a new grad LPN and have worked as a tech and Air Force medic for several years.  I'm looking to get into Aesthetic nursing either plastic surgery or dermatology.  I'm wondering:

1. Is there a place for Aesthetic LPNs in Arizona?

2. Are there certifications that I have to obtain to either work or make myself more marketable?

3. How best to get hired?  Who would I contact?  It seems like even Aesthetic RN jobs aren't exactly listed very broadly on major websites like Indeed.com.  Do I contact the individual offices or Spas to inquire?

4. General advice would be very welcome.  I've been working in the hospital systems for years (Banner, Dignity, Honor) and I'm burnt out on that environment and I'm interested in derm and aesthetic nursing anyway.  Thanks a bunch. 

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I don't know about AZ, but in IN, LPNs generally aren't hired into aesthetics.  Surgeons hire MAs or NPs (in rare cases RNs), due to $$$ and scope

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