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Hi! I need good tips and ideas for new nurse working the floor at nursing home? Time management, staying on task, keeping track of all the info?!?

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Hi Abette,

Come in a little earlier on your shift so that you are all set for report.

Bed to bed report is best.

Jot down issues 664A Jones leaking cath, 665 B Smith preop,NPO 12 MN

Learn the flow from the experts-report,narc count,checking orders etc

Have a small book- write numbers names, supervisor's name and number

Know your emergency equipment and learn how to use it.

Know what to do and who to call in an emergency.

Plan your day after report and try and finish half hour before shift ends so that you have the last half hour to catch up last minute stuff.

Work as a team with your staff. Help them when you have free time.

Avoid gossip and cliques.

Set limits with staff/patients and do not tolerate bullies but face them and call them on it.

Best of luck! One day at a time and soon you will be flying!