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Advice for Surgical NP interview


Has 4 years experience.

I just graduated with my AG-ACNP degree and just passed boards. I am interviewing for a Head and Neck surgery position. My time will be spent inpatient seeing pts pre-op, post-op, first assisting in OR, and then also in the outpatient clinic. My RN background is in MICU. I have been doing some reading, but have never been on the surgical side of things.

Any advice on how to make myself a stronger candidate during the interview given that I have no experience? Any advice on good questions to ask their team?

Thanks in advance!

I am also an ag-acnp with a nursing background in MICU/ CVICU now currently working in a surgical specialty. My advice would be to just have confidence in your MICu knowledge base. MICu nurses already have a reputation of being very knowledgeable and autonomous


Has 4 years experience.

Thank you!