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Advice Requested - Preparing for Nursing


Hello all,

I hope this message finds you each well! :)

I'm a pre-nursing student that is interested in immersing myself into all things *NURSING*. :nurse: I am currently going through a career change and would like to be well-prepared when I enter into Nursing School and into this new profession. Plus, I'm eager to get into the lingo and learn new things so these are the reasons for my request.

What advise can you provide for a student looking for organizations, magazines, other periodicals, websites, etc. that may be of benefit to me while I prepare for this career change? I'm interested in anything, not just things targeted at students. I am a planner and honestly, the more I hear medical terminology, lingo, read about trends, etc, the more this will help me. Plus I'm eager so I'm all about learning what's out there!

Thank you for any advise you can provide. I appreciate it!!!


P.S. Examples of things I'm already doing: Just joined the ANA as a student and I read past issues of Nursing Made Incredibly Easy. This is my start thus far. :)