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Advice for Prospective Pediatric Nurse

Pre-Nursing   (588 Views 1 Comments)
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Hi Everyone!

I'm hoping for some advice for anyone who has worked in pediatric oncology, PICU and NICU. I will be applying for accelerated BSN programs this summer and I know that I want to work with children. I'm in the South Jersey/Philadelphia area and I've read a lot of posts about new grads having to accept anything they can since the job market is so bad right now. I'm hoping that by 2011 when I graduate, job opportunities will be a little better, but is there any good volunteer work or entry-level health care positions I should try to get involved in to start on the right foot? Externships? Any comments or advice would be much appreciated! I'm a recent graduate with a finance degree and I'm really excited to make the switch after landing my first number crunching job in corporate finance!

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