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  1. Hi everyone I am hoping someone can suggest an option. You see I have been a L>P>N> in niagara falls canada for the past 6 years. I would really like to upgrade to R.N. status nhowever, because of family commitments I could only attend on a part-time basis, unfortunately my side of the border offers no such program. Any ideas of any colleges or schools which offer a up-grade option part-time? I look forward to a reply, carmen
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    If you can come across the pond there are several places you can go part time, Niagra Commnity College (nccc or n trip as it is called) or Erie Community college (ecc) north or city campus ( I went to North and would recomend it over city)As well as some 4 year programs. If you can't find their phone numbers email me and i will lookk them up for you
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    Be aware.... to go to school in US. as Canadians, we can only start a nursing program with an F-1 student visa as someone in the "FUll time" program, we cannot go to summer school or any part time program unless its online... ! so any prereq's you need you will have to plan around that... it can put off your full time plan by a year or year and a half ! Just FYI ...

    "You see I have been a L>P>N> in niagara falls canada for the past 6 years."
    What is that ? , anyway, there is a bridge available through several schools throughout Canada and here in Ont as well, but none that are in the Niagara area, yet. If you work for the NHS, there is a way to do it through work, but our cost and time is very high.. through other schools as well. ... not easy for us to do, and very little credit for what RPNs (if thats what you are) there are many challenges... but don't give up.
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