UK nurse looking to move to USA

  1. Hi thank you for reading!

    i am looking to move to Connecticut with my husband and children. I will be completing my nursing degree in the UK in August. I know it is a difficult and lengthy process to move to the US so want to start it as soon as.

    could anyone give me some advice and tips? What can I do or shouldn't be doing? I have contacted the Connecticut BONs already to find out what to do after I graduate.

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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    Once you get registration sorted you then need to look for employer willing to sponsor you and they will start paperwork for your immigration. You may have to pay separately for family
  4. by   sammylp
    Would you recommend an agency? Thanks
  5. by   ICunursey
    There are a few agencies out there that do the heavy lifting visa application and job hunt wise. Have a look at them all and see which one you prefer. Direct hire is difficult because what hospital is going to spend $$$$ and wait years for a nurse?
  6. by   Nurse USA
    I can if you want to