Tier 2 visa help

  1. Hi! I have been nursing in the UK for nearly 2 years now on a working/holiday visa but my time is nearly up. I see that nursing is on the shortage list for Tier 2 working visa so my plan is to switch to this one. All I really know is that I have to go back home (New Zealand) to apply and that I need sponsorship. I have just been offered a full time job so will talk to HR about sponsorship soon but does anyone have any information about how long it took? how easy sponsorship was? and how easy the whole process was?
    Any information or suggestions would be super helpful!
    Thank you!!!
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    Are you already registered with NMC?
  4. by   eesmith91
    Yup! Cost me an arm and a leg and all of my patience but I have it =)