Studied BSN in the Philippines for 2 yrs, wants to continue BSN in US

  1. Im currently residing in WA, USA and would like to pursue BSN. Last 2007 to 2009 I was in the Philippines studying BSN in De Lasalle University. I was able to attend 4. semesters and 1 summer term in BSN. I completed 122 credits and no failed subjects. If I want to finish the degree, will the nursing schools in the US credit the subjects I finished? Or will I start feom scratch. I want to finish it so I can take NCLEX. Do you know any schools that accepts and credits subjects taken from te Philippines? What should I do? Pls respond. Need help, i really dont know what to do.
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  3. by   rn4ever?
    I doubt that nursing schools in the US would credit any of your nursing courses/subjects. I would suggest just finish it in the Philippines. It will be cheaper and less time consuming, as you will not have to repeat your subjects.
  4. by   zanedee
    i live in new jersey and they credit your subjects. it depends on the school. best to call them and explain your situation
  5. by   iirnited
    Hey ishylovesyou,

    You can consider calling CGFNS and ask them if you are able to avail their Credential Evaluation Service: Academic Report. Usually, this is the report that you use when you plan on transferring from a school in the Philippines to the United States.