RN-BSN Program

  1. As a foreign trained nurse with an active Texas RN licence, prior to getting the green card-which I suppose takes time- as I wait for the processing and approval of the green card,can I pursue a full time on-campus RN-BSN program on F1 Student Visa and work part time in the university affiliated medical centres?
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    You could work on a f1 visa but usually first year is confined to campus and there are limited hours during actual term time. What are you going to do if course completes and still waiting for GC application to be current? Which country was you born in as a lot of countries are current at the moment
  4. by   zionprince
    Thank you very much for your response, am from Kenya. As I work on campus partime,( I intend to enrol in a university affiliated with large medical centres) can I make enough money to help fund for my education? I would have preferred an online RN to BSN but I understand international students are strictly restricted to class instruction, that is on campus option....