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    Can someone please advise me the best time to register and process for OIIQ?

    My Status: I am currently processing my QSW application, I just received my AOR early this month. Since launching my QSW application last July 2013, I've indulged myself with French, learning the language is honestly difficult (despite being a francophile) but I know that it's the only way to make my life easier when I get to Quebec. I'm aiming for a B2 level of fluency. I've just achieved the A2. In the mean time, I am also learning about the quebecois culture and how I can possibly make the right moves to work as a registered nurse there.

    I am hoping to hear from someone who has gotten to Quebec with a QSW application. Any advise for further tips/steps for me to make the most of my time will be greatly be appreciated. Merci beaucoup de m'aider et Dieu vous benisse
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  3. by   pinay.rn
    I submitted my application for QSC only last month and still waiting for the file number. how about you? have you received your number?what's next after that? good to hear that you have reached A2. I'll start my french lessons next week and i'm excited to learn this language. Pls share what you know about the process (what to wait and how long will i have to wait for those). Hope to hear from you.