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    I am a student from the university of Guarda, Portugal. I am in the first grade, out of four. I am asking for your advice and knowledge. I would like to move to the US in the end of my studies. I have seen some websites about this, more specifically about the types of visas and so on so forth, regardless I have no real clue. Ps, i have no problem in taking a master's degree and doctorship if it really makes a difference. I know that states have different requirements, but what are the easiest/best states to move in to. How long does it take in real terms? Can I right now start doing something to help my immigration process?
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    most employers willing to sponsor you will expect to see some experience. The process can take a long time as a lot of variables come into play like meeting state requirements and most have the same or very similar requirements and then finding employer willing to sponsor you for a immigrant visa.