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Advice for a new CNA?

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I was recently offered a job as a nurse assistant at a nursing home (and will become certified shortly after). I'll be beginning my school's nursing program next semester, and don't have any healthcare experience yet so I'm a little nervous to start this job! 

Any advice or tips for a newbie??

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FashionablyL8 has 15 years experience as a CNA.

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Hi, welcome to the world of healthcare 😊. I just started my first semester of nursing school- my first day was last week actually. However, I've been a CNA/med tech for a while.

OK, it will probably take you a while to learn how to be comfortable as a CNA. You will feel like you're really slow and seeing people naked, washing them and changing briefs (never call them diapers!) may seem strange and embarrassing. You'll have to develop a strong stomach for obvious reasons, and develop your poker face- looking like nothing shocks you or grosses you out even if it really does.

One thing that your coworkers will appreciate; while you're still training and aren't really able to independently take care of residents, make yourself useful doing things you know how to do. Laundry, trash, cleaning, etc. There's always something you can be doing. Of course you need to be training, but if your coworkers are running around like crazy, try to find something helpful to do.

The residents will do some very strange things (actually your co-workers probably will too). Try to remember that there's a reason for every behavior, even bizarre ones.

Really use proper body mechanics and don't ever take a chance transferring a resident that might be too heavy or combative for you to handle alone. And follow your facilities rules on Hoyer transfers without exceptions. The same co-workers who tell you to "just go ahead and do it yourself, that's what everyone does", won't be there to help if you get in trouble or a resident gets injured. 

Speaking of co-workers, there are usually a few mean ones. Ignore them and stick with the ones who are helpful and nice and good workers. Don't get caught up in the drama. Keep calm and concentrate on learning your job- remember everyone was new once. 

Oh yeah- get decent nursing shoes! Spend the extra $$ and you'll be glad you did. 

Now that I've written you a book here, good luck in your new CNA job and in nursing school!

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Make sure you get good rest, eat well, and have a well balanced life/ a way to decompress and not think about your job, because CNA work is hard.  It’s super rewarding, but it will whip you into shape.

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