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Advice needed!


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I am a long time LPN with many years experience in the clinic setting. I have gone back and now have my RN and am about to go to work in a hospital setting on a med-surg floor. What are some things that I need to be mindful of with this change? I know it will be a whole new ball game but am really looking forward to it. Anyone else gone through this that have stories to share?

The advice I would give to you, is that as an RN you will be able to do more things under your scope of practice. You will be responsible for the CNAs that are taking care of your patients. The med/surg floor is a great place to build your foundation of skills. Just remember, take a break, have your lunch, during these times is when you can regroup your thoughts. When you feel stressed, take 5 minutes, go to the breakroom, and take some deep breaths. If you are not sure about something, always ask.:nailbiting: