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Advice needed from current/previous University of Michigan Flint Accelerated MSN/FNP Program students

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Hi everyone, 

I am currently in the University of Michigan-Flint's ABSN program and have been doing pretty well. When I applied for the ABSN, they gave me the option to apply for the accelerated FNP program as well which I did. We are still waiting to hear back about decision for the accelerated FNP program so I was wondering if there are any current/former FNP students from their program who can give me some advice/suggestions?

What was your experience like with this program? I understand it is mostly online but I wanted to know more about how they did the clinical placements. Are there any ABSN to AFNP students out there who took this program? Did you find it to be too difficult? Or difficult but manageable as long as you put in the effort? Thank you in advance!

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