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Advice for LPN-RN NYC



First time writing and seeking advice through the interweb. Anyway, I'll make this as simple as it can be. I seek to move to NYC after graduating with my LPN in a few months. I want to move forward and go through a RN bridge program. simple right?

My dilemma. NYC is expensive. I will need to work while in school. Should I opt to an Online RN program? Is there any Hospitals that pay for schooling, if contracts to work for them? As an LPN, will it be difficult to find work and live if I move there?

I hope to hear from all of you and maybe even helped someone else out with the same prospects.

hi there. im an LPn in nyc. First of all i hope u have a job lined up for u. its very competitve getting a job out here. everyone wants experience. Secondly, the most popular school for lpn to rn is Helene Fuld. I plan to start there in november. I have been an LPn for the past year and i love my job... anything u need to know let me know :) good luck to u